• The microeconomic theory focuses on studying and analysing the behavior of each economic unit (consumer, producer), it also studies the relationships between individuals, and between firms as an unit of production in comparison with the price of a good, it also allocates and distributes rationally the rare resources of production (labor, land, technology, ....ect),
    The microeconomic theory clarifies how the prices of goods and services produced by a firm were determinated, also the quantity of production that maximizes the firm's profit, with minimum cost.
    This course is divided on two chapters, the first one is the theory of utility and the second one is demand and supply theory.
    This course is oriented (intended for) to the students of the first year, speciality : economy, management and commerce, commun core, university of Biskra.
    This course aims at providing students with the knowledge and skills required to make them able to :
    *Describe and analyze the economic way of thinking.
    *Assemble the different units, concepts and variables and analyze their interactions.
    *Define the right hypotheses and determinants of each concept in this course (utility, demand and supply, ...)
    *Understand how demand and supply interact in various market structuresto determine the price and quantity of the produced good.
    *Represent demand and supply in graphical form.
    *Match microeconomic variables to understand the relationship between them.
    *Solve some mathematics problems in microeconomics.
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